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Math Presentations

Note: Presentations similar in title may vary in content. Each presentation
       contains slides unique to the location in which they were presented.

"Elementary Algebra"

"Making Elementary Algebra Real"

"Math Tools For Kindergarten and Beyond
How to Create Algebraic Examples For All Levels"

"Making Math Real"

"Herramientas De Matemáticas para Kindergarten y Mas Allá"


"Teaching Math With Patterns"

"Teaching Mathematical Reasoning"

"Teaching Math Reasoning Skills for 2014 GED®"

"2014 GED® Most-Missed Math Skills"

"Math Skills New to 2014 GED"®

"Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and 2014 GED® Math"

"Math Tools For Depth of Knowledge, Transitioning, and 2014 GED® Math"