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Our Affiliates

New Paradigm Reading

New Paradigm Reading is the sole distributor of a delightful reading program for PreK through first grade called Fletcher's Place.

On their site, Fletcher's Place tells us that early childhood learning is critical, and that reading is the core skill that all students must master. Fletcher's Place is a proven program for teaching reading fundamentals for children ages 3-5, and reading mastery for children in kindergarten through early elementary school. The program concentrates on
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Reading Fluency
  • Comprehension Strategies

Fletcher's Place is eligible to be incorporated in Reading First grants as a supplemental or intervention program.

Visit the website of New Paradigm Reading

Safe and Civil Schools

Building on over 30 years of experience, Randy Sprick and associates refine decades of research on effective teaching methods into practical, easy-to-use principles and procedures. They can help you to
  • foster respect and responsibility in your students and improve school climate and school culture
  • Learn how to develop proactive, positive behavior support strategies tailored to your classroom, school, and district
  • Train your entire staff to make data-driven decisions
    • on a schoolwide level
    • in classrooms
    • with individual students

Visit the website of Safe and Civil Schools

Established in 2001 by Linda V. Alaniz, President, Educational Research Institute (ERI) has an 80% success rate, securing over $309 million in successful grant applications for charters, school districts, colleges, medical institutions, universities, non-profits, and municipalities. Their services include

  • Management Services
  • Professional Development
  • Grant Services including
    • Consulting
    • Reading
    • Evaluating

Visit the website of Educational Research Institute