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Who are We?

We're teachers and educators, school principals and program leaders, consultants and advisers, and students (always students!). We specialize in mathematics, languages, and sciences--behavioral and physical. We're involved in education at all levels, from primary to post-secondary, from teaching to managing teachers, from supervising schools to founding them from ground zero.

With our vast knowledge and combined experience in learning, teaching, and overseeing schools, we've developed and tested products that we feel meet and surpass the demands of educators across various fields. And with our ongoing involvement in education--yes, we continue to teach children and adults and supervise schools and education programs--we feel we've kept abreast of the changing needs of school settings. We're aware of the latest technology used in education, and we're trained in it (as we said, we're always students!), yet we stay ever alert to better ways of helping students to grasp concepts, as well as to assimilate and retain information.

For these reasons, we've developed teaching systems that combine the best of the methods we've discovered that help students learn. Many of our teaching systems are now being prepared for publication, so be sure to check back with us to see what more we have to offer.

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